Don't miss out on any of the fun!  Remember to renew your membership with Jo by March 15th .

2017 dues:

Tri-State ZNAMembership includes:
     Full year's subscription to Nichirin, the ZNA Members Magazine, mailed directly to your home from Japan
     Koi News, our own club magazine, e-mailed to you each month
     10 – 12 club meetings with complimentary lunch and beverage
      extra small group meetings & seminars throughout the year
      access to special ZNA sponsored Member’s only events
      10 – 20% discount from Webb’s Water Gardens, Koi Market and many other pond supply companies
expert pond building & koi husbandry support from club members year round
             Participation in ZNA Koi Shows

             2016 ZNA Individual Member-$175

              Tri-State Friendship Membership-$75


Tri-State ZNA KOI Club 2017 Schedule

February 25 – Chris, 1pm (Eastern Effects, 99 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY)

March 25 – Jennifer & James, 1pm (Port Jefferson, LI)


Apr 9 – John (Wyckoff, NJ)


May 21 - Judi & Carmen (Staten Island, NY)


June 10 or 11 – Chris (Bellmore, Long Island)


July 8 or 9 – Charlie (Poconos, Pennsylvania)


Aug 12 - Takao Yamaguchi/Kodama Koi Garden (Saddle River, NJ)


Sept 9 – Darren (Paramus, NJ)


Oct 14 or 15 - Kiko & Osvaldo (Hauppauge, LI)


Nov 11 or 12 – TBA
Additional Club events will be planned throughout the year

For more info contact:     (as of March 1st)

​         Member Benefits

                                Tri-State ZNA Koi Club
                                     Membership Application/Renewal
Due by March 15, 2017  


Please Circle One:  Renewal    New Member    Friendship     

 Name: _____________________________________

 Address: _______________________________ ____________________________

 Home Phone #:  (       )                                Cell Phone #:  (        )                       

 E-mail Address:  ____________________________________

                       New members tell us about yourself & your pond (optional)

 Are you a koi related professional?  Yes (  ) No  (  )

 What are your expectations from this koi club? How can we help you?



How long have you been keeping koi?     ______________

How many gallons is your pond?  __________________ 

Liner type: _______ Concrete: _______ Other: _______

How many koi do you have?  _______

Please describe your pond’s filtration, pump etc: 




Payment:  $175 Full/$75 Friendship


Check payable to:
Tristate ZNA Koi Club.
Send this application and check to:

Tri-State ZNA Koi Club  
c/o Jo Mead
PO Box 91
Ulster Park, NY 12487

Paypal address:

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